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  3. torsdag, 08 november 2018

As we all know, the Surf RPG server need more maps.
After tons of request from players to add more maps, I'm making this post.

If any of you guys have some suggestions for maps we can add to the server, please reply to this. If we choose to use one of the maps suggested, LnG and I will do our best to remake them into a unique map for PlayPark just like the current maps.

If you're a regular player on the server, you may have seen one of the maps called surf_egypt. This map is still in its beta phase and needs some improvements. If you got any suggestions what to add/edit/remove on the map, that would be great too.

  Do you like surf_egypt?
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hopsan Accepterade svar
Me personally, I do not think there is much more to improve on the surf_egypt map since I have seen the map plenty of times and seen it change from where it started and at the current state of the map I think it is great. I've given some suggestions and ideas to Fudgehog and it has all turned out well. I'm very happy to see a new map being added and it sure is needed! :)
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Smudgy Accepterade svar
Glad to see that people are enjoying egypt! Finally a longer range map where the jail doesn't clearly benefit shotties :')

Here are some other maps that I enjoyed playing on other servers, some don't match the playpark structure (but that could be changed). [Note: bold text are hyperlinks]

  • Big map, lots of good awp spots.
  • Jail is huge but not too many obstacles, bhopping is easy.
  • Most players play in the jail area of this map.


  • Medium sized map. all playstyles work well on this map.
  • Great map flow, ramps everywhere.
  • Jail (which is the ct spawn area of dust 2) can be exited quite easily.
  • Usually players are all over this map.


  • Big map, usually favors snipers
  • Good map flow, lots of speed pads/ramps.
  • No set jail, when you fall you spawn back on a platform
  • Usually players are all over this map.


  • Big map, but small corridors, all playstyles work.
  • Classic surf combat map.
  • Jail is tiny and people can shoot into it easily, but its not hard to avoid going to jail on this map.
  • Usually players play in the main building of this map.


  • Big map, has somewhat the same structure as the playpark maps. Love the visuals of this one.
  • Good map flow, lots of speed ramps.
  • Jail is medium sized and has obstacles.
  • Usually players are all over this map.

Also check out the combat surf maps on gamebanana, they have some cool ones
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