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Application smovii-
smovii- application for Surf RPG

My Nickname is smovii-
Im 15 years old and I turn 16 on the 25th of March

My Steam ID is: STEAM_1:0:421860462

Describe myself:
So my Name is Christopher, im a Student and live in Germany. I will usually have time from 2pm. I am friendly and calm. Im playing CSGO very often and I have played since March 2018 and I allready collected 2.000h so I have expirience. I also love to go out with friends and I like to play Basketball. But in the most of my freetime I just play CSGO.

Experience as an admin:
Not really but I would love to collect experience

What are the most prime qualifications for an admin:
To be able to deal with all situations, to be a good idol for the people. You also should be friendly and have a good patience.
And you should know the Rules and show respect.

Why would I fit as an admin:
• Because I have a mediation training
• Since it is sometimes really stupid that there are hackers and there is no admin and I want to change that
• Because I really enjoy playing on the Server and therefore I am often online

Other things I do like to add:
• I know how to set up Discord or TS server
• I know the advanced ranking system at TS
• I want people who do something against the rules to be punished, such as racists
• And if a german guy cant speak english I could help him

Greetings from Christopher Köster
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Head Admin
Approved as try-admin. Contact me in discord (Lurba#0001) so we can fix perms.
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