Frequently asked questions


Why do I need to pay for membership?
Your money is used to keep playpark up and running. We are a non-profit organisation, all of your donation is fully reinvested in Playpark.

Where do I find my steamid?
You can find it at 

How do I use vip?
Write !vip or /vip in the chat.

My vip does not work?
Check you steamid in the controlpanel. A steamid should begin with STEAM_ and you can find yours at, be careful that its your account being shown. If you are connected to a server while entering you steamid you need to reconnect.

Can you add vip for me?
No, our system is automatic.

My vip has expired?
You can purchase new VIP from our shop.

How can I be admin?
Write a thread in our forum and explain why you should be admin.