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PlayPark 2v2 Wingman #1

Start2020-03-21 19:00
Priser1000kr Presentkort Inet
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#   Lagnamn Discord Tidigare placeringar
1  53666Kaneki#6666  
2  Tyska BoysenLurba#0001  
3  GotlaburgareKG74#8816  
4  Retard NextSickancsgod#8158  
5  PelletsBenja#4621  
6  Bobbys ProffsStoffe#0513  
7  xMcPvPGodsVildingen#9486  
8  noccotorskemil#5164  
9  YeetRobin Hood#5261  
10  zyphes tomtarzyphe#5655  
11  We Lose  
12  FallbirdsN€B1#2316  
13  BeetleJuiceBabuFewt#2134  
14  PannkakorRumpelstiltskin#0001  
15  BrodieTVWjalla#9058  
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#   Lagnamn Discord Tidigare placeringar
1  asdasd1klint#0115  
2  Not found  
3  LTDK  

Du måste gå med i ett lag för att kunna delta i turneringen.


It is your responsibility to read and understand the rules. If you are unsure about anything, do not guess what is right, write to us in Discord and ask about it. The rules are meant to be followed, any attempt to circumvent them will be viewed as a rulebreak.

The start time that is displayed in the breacket is the estimated time of matchstart, this may differ from reality since matches could take more or less time then the estimated 60 minutes.

When the match has been generated in the bracket, your team has 15 minutes to connect and ready-up on the server or else the team that is ready will win. If both team fail to ready-up, both teams will be disqualified.



$1 Cheat

We have zero acceptance of cheat. All forms of cheating will result in a permanent ban.

If it is discovered that someone has won a prize by cheating we will reclaim the prize or send an invoice for the item.

$2 Configuration

You are not allowed to configure your client in a way that may be viewed as cheating.

$3 Technical problems

PlayPark claim our right to pause the tournament at any time for as long as we need to fix any technical difficulties.

If a matchserver crashes we will restore to the last backup available.

$4 Buggs and exploits

It is prohibited to use any exploits that may be found in our systems

$5 Other

Under the tournament our general rules also applied, you can find them here or go to Gamesection > Rules.