PlayPark 1v1 League of Legends #1

StatusÖppen för anmälan
Start2020-10-02 19:00
Priser1st 500kr presentkort på
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3rd place


#   Lagnamn SteamDiscord Tidigare placeringar
1  WjallaSTEAM_1:0:100832398Wjalla#9058  
2  VillhavipSTEAM_1:1:104649829Kirby (Blup)#9876  
3  RoyasuxSTEAM_0:1:64705107Royasux#8008  
4  DerekSTEAM_1:1:147895497Derek#1462  
5  FenangSTEAM_1:0:225955414Felix#3084  
6  GordonSTEAM_0:1:7131892Gordon#1027  
7  SickancsgodSTEAM_1:1:68802937Sickancsgod#8158  
8  SantadogSTEAM_1:1:84098525SantaDog#4059  
9  Tenmo PlayerSTEAM_1:0:462784978Tenmo#0424  
10  AkesonSTEAM_0:1:122629532  
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#   Lagnamn SteamDiscord Tidigare placeringar

Läs igenom reglerna innan du anmäler dig eller ditt lag. OBS! Har du inte discord id inskrivet hamnar du sist i kö! Uppdatera det på kontrollpanelen med formlen namn#0000.

Skapa ett lag för att gå med i turneringen



It is your responsibility to read and understand the rules. If you are unsure about anything, do not guess what is right, write to us in Discord and ask about it. The rules are meant to be followed, any attempt to circumvent them will be viewed as a rulebreak.

The PlayPark Tournament board always has the right to decide whether a rule has been broken, even if it is not necessarily mentioned within the rules.

Discord id will be used to send digital prizes, it is your responsibility that it is your account that is connected with your playpark account or prizes may be send to the wrong person.

You are obligated to be available in our discord at the start time of the tournament. If you are not responding when we contact you, then you or your team may be disqualified.


You have 20 minutes to connect to the server and ready-up. If your team is not ready the other team will win. If no team is ready, both teams will be disqualified. All walkovers will be logged and you will be placed last in que in future tournaments



§1 Cheat

We have zero acceptance of cheating. All forms of cheating will result in a permanent ban.

If it is discovered that someone has won a prize by cheating we will reclaim the prize or send an invoice for the item.

You are not allowed to configure your client in a way that may be viewed as cheating.

§2 Technical problems

PlayPark reserves the right to pause the tournament at any time for as long as we need to fix any technical difficulties.

§3 Buggs and exploits

It is prohibited to use any exploits that may be found in our systems.

The PlayPark Tournament board has the right to decide what is a bugg and what is not.

§4 Prize

To claim a prize a player must have played a majority of all matches. For example if a player has played 3 out of 6 matches, a prize can not be claimed by the player.

§5 Other

Under the tournament our general rules are also applied, you can find them here or go to Spelsektion > Regler.